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Good times and not so good

At the moment I seem to be having good times. I’m beginning to enjoy life and reap he benefits of the healing process. There was a time when I thought all was lost. I remember losing faith in the future.

Then a change was forced on me. Almost a year ago I was told that I was no longer wanted by the community I belonged to.

This could have destroyed me. It didn’t. In a funny way it gave me the impetus to find a good job. It also demanded a change in me.

After applying for almost 700 jobs and six interviews I was given a chance that I couldn’t turn down. I also had a chance to go on a survivors course.

There is always a down side. During this time I found myself feeling like an outsider in the community. When I started work I had to have more rest time. The thing is I had changed from a person hiding in the shadows of abuse. To someone who is strong and passionate about helping others come out of the darkness. Bringing light to those who need it.


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