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A journey full of wonder

This journey I’ve embarked on started in pain and confusion. As I’ve moved between the stages I have noticed how much I’ve changed.

When I started this journey I could not hold a conversation without crying or sobbing. There was a time when I decided to stop. But then my abuser would win again.

Then I went through a stage where I just could not bare to be with anyone. That was a hard time as I was left in my own more often than not. This was also the first time I found my voice. But that was stopped soon enough by people who didn’t understand.

Then I found I could use my voice for good. That is when I started this blog. I didn’t use it at first for good.

I now am starting to look to the future with renewed passion for helping other survivors.

There are days when I’d go through every stage in the space of a few hours.

But I know that the journey has been wondrous. And I’ll see all the wonders I want to.


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