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I am now starting to grieve for my stolen childhood. No child what ever age should have their innocence taken away from them. Even as a thirteen year old boy my innocence was taken away from me. The dreams that I had were destroyed. I felt like my soul was destroyed. I felt alone and unworthy of any love.

The secret I had to keep poisoned my mind and my soul. The secrets that destroy are the most dark. After 25 years I finally found the courage to tell.

I wrote a few days ago about the healing power of tears. These tears are tears of grief, tears of regret. There is still a young boy struggling to deal with the after effects of what happened. I now have to be a father to this boy and look after him. Help him through the grief and pain of what happened.

I hope I can be a beacon of light for him and others to light their paths to healing.

I am a survivor, I want to be a thriver.


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