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Wanting to help others

I’ve been thinking about how I can help the survivor community. I’m just wanting to be a positive influence an society. I don’t quite know how.


2 responses to “Wanting to help others

  1. I missed this. You can help on the site I helped resurrect to help victims of all kinds. It’s a social support network, free and anonymous. I help more and more here by drawing them from Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr sites I have. Trying to find guys who are suicidal, depressed, cutting and asll cause guys have so little support. I have a profile there.

    You can message me on Twitter @AbusedKids,
    facebook =

    Proud of all you are doing Ed,


  2. oops tumblr = but since I reach out to depressed young people here, much of what they post can be very triggering.

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