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From the past to the future via a corner

Past, present and future.

My past has moulded me in to the fighter I have become. There was a time in the not to distant past where I couldn’t even say no. I was afraid of my own shadow and hated any form of physical contact. I had lost all of my dreams. Maybe those dreams were meant to be lost.

I am now the sum of my experiences good bad and downright evil. I understand now that I can’t change my past. I can learn from my past experiences and adapt. I now believe that I am a “normal” man who is a loved person.

I am now in control of my own future. I now look forward to a brighter future. A future where I can give back to others. Especially NAPAC and those who I am privileged to call friends.

So tomorrow becomes today and today, yesterday and yesterday a memory.


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