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My Soul Intertwined

I realised that the abuse has darkened my soul. My soul has been intertwined with my abusers by his act of selfishness. I only realised this today. But when I watched the latest Harry Potter and saw what happened to Voldermort when he killed. I understood how a soul can be intertwined. It is healable.

It darkened my soul by taking my innocence from me. It affected the way I saw the world and related to others. I understand that only by challenging that part of my soul I can untangle it and bring light to it. And the only way to do that is to forgive my abuser.

Easier said than done. I have to pray and think hard as to how I can forgive. I know the Jesus came to save us though forgiveness and sacrifice on a cross.

My soul hurts

My soul hurts
So much
The pain of a dark soul

My soul hurts
So much
Trying to bring in the light

My soul hurts
So much
Bringing light light
To the dark dark

My soul lightens
Not so dark
Not so dark

My soul shines
No more hurt
No more hurt

My soul healed
Thank you, Jesus
Thank you


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