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A short story part 5/7

Chapter 5
Gordon had arrived at the site to undergo some tests for the cloning process. He also knew of the storm that was approaching. The time had come and Gordon was ready for the battle ahead. The last few days had taken their toll on him. He wanted a successor so he could retire and live a life of luxury that he had always promised himself. The cloning process was the only way as he had never married. He knew only one man in the world could stop him, his brother.
The lab was at the centre of the dam. The doctors were fussing around, as they knew that one mistake and they would be shot. Gordon was on the verge of immortality, he was going to rule for ever. His brain waves and pattern had been saved some years earlier.
John and the new Army of the True were making good head way as they fought the police and security forces. The stranger seemed to be praying quite a lot. Who was this stranger? John did not know about his brother. Jack was still worrying about his part in all of this.
Jack and Gordon had a tempestuous relationship. Gordon got all the breaks but Jack was not a jealous man. Their parents tried to instil some moral values in them, it worked to some extent. Jack and John’s army were hitting a lot of resistance as they got closer to the main lab. The stranger was still helping but not fighting. The others were getting frustrated by the lack of fight shown by the stranger.
They were stopped just before the door to the lab.
© Ed Shearer 2011


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