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Moving from victim to thriver

A year ago I felt the world was against me. I felt like a victim. I was felt I was just existing. For many year I wandered about like I was in a daze. I seemed to never look up, I didn’t see the colours of a rainbow or the lovely reds of a setting sun.

I have transformed from an unhappy victim to a satisfied survivor. There is always light even in my darkest days there was a glimmer of hope.

My message to all survivors of Child Sexual Abuse is:

1 As a survivor myself. I can with say with confidence YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

2. There is every chance that recovery is possible.

3. Even the darkest night there is some light.

You to can move forward and become a thriver.

I hope this will help someone on the journey of a lifetime. A journey to freedom and healing.

I will in time be terrific thriver.

Yes I’m a survivor moving towards being a thriver.

Peace to all keep safe.


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