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Two Worlds

I now struggle with having to live in two different worlds.


A world where money is “God”. Where Jesus is not even acknowledged as a human being. This has been a wake up call for me. I myself have denied him more than three times. I now understand how Peter must have felt. The pain he felt. I just wish I had his courage. I really want a second chance. I want a chance to have breakfast with him on the shore of the Galilee. A chance show him that I love him.


A world where I can do as he asks. A world where I am in it not of it. A world where I will say yes. I understand that Sion was not for me. But I know God has a call on me.

So how do I make this choice. Or is it a struggle I’ll have for a long time. With a week until Christmas I may well just wait and see where I’m lead.


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