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A short story part 4/7

Chapter 4
On a bright spring morning the four men knew that today was the day that would free them from tyranny; the day belief became reality and a day of tragedy. The brothers with the stranger went to the Black boar to pick Jack up. John was driving the car. They drove down the dirt track as they did the other day. They started to walk the last half mile or so, as before. They knew that they would have to fight for their future and the future of the nation. When they got close Graham said “I’ll go and see if I can get some of my friends to help.” This was a mistake as they had been spotted by covert cameras the other day. The police knew they were coming.
Graham ran back to the car and sped off to find some of his mates. He went to the main town and the Red Lion pub where he knew his mates drank. They were up for it. One of them had a mini bus and they all piled in and set of the dam. Graham went off in the car.
On his way he saw a police car (tank). This car started to chase Graham, as they recognised the car from the CCTV footage. The chase went on for about an hour. There were more and more police vehicles chasing him. Then disaster struck Graham lost control of the car and skidded of the road into a tree. At first Graham thought he wasn’t hurt. This was not to be the case. The police exercised their power with frightening efficiency. Graham was tried and convicted at the road side by the police. He was shot in the head.
Back at the dam, the three joined by Graham’s mates by this time. The battle for freedom had started. The Overlord had sent in special troops to stop the freedom fighters. Jack’s past was catching up faster than ever. He knew what was going on, as he was in on it from the start. The plans were thought up by two brothers Jack and Gordon Petros. Gordon Petros was the Overlord. Jack had not liked them and had tried to stop them for years.
The stranger knew this and he also knew that Graham was dead. John led the small band of friends in through service entrance. There we many security forces there. For some reason they didn’t want to fight and joined up. These were more local people afraid not say yes to the police.


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