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A short story part 1/7

The Battle for Lower Hillside by Ed Shearer
Chapter 1
The year is 2050; the government as we know it has been replaced by the Media Overlord. There is no freedom of the press and even the church is run by non-believers. The police are a paramilitary organisation and they are merciless when dealing with any crimes. The punishment for all crimes was death by hanging. The UK was turning slowly inwards, all the airports were closed and the Channel tunnel was blocked up years ago.
In one small village a group of people were beginning to change things. This village is called Lower Hillside. This is their story.
One snowy day John Carter and his brother Graham were driving their car down the hill to the river. The Carter Brothers were just like any normal brothers, they liked to have a drink in The Black Boar pub and see their girlfriends. John wasn’t particularly religious but he knew right from wrong Graham was much the same. The whole village was just like any other in the UK but these two brothers were about to really rock the boat.
John noticed that there was no water running in the river. The government had ordered a dam be built to create a new reservoir. This was a favourite spot for just lazing by the river and throwing stones (which was illegal). There seemed to be a lot of police and army types around for a while. Everyone was scared of what was happening. Some of the villagers had started to disappear and there were rumours of people being convicted without trial and sentenced to death.
Something was not right with the world and the brothers knew that. They started to think about the valley and the river. Then one day a few months later a visitor arrived in Lower Hillside. This was to change the village for ever. This person was a journalist, more than that he was freelance and not part of the establishment. His name was Jack Petros. Jack was an old hack, he had worked for thirty years in the news business and he knew all the tricks. Jack had heard about the dam and the police raids and was curious. As they used to say curiosity killed the cat, Jack was on the run but the story was the biggest of his life and he had to follow it.
He was staying at The Black Boar for a few days where he met the Carter brothers. John was just sitting having a beer and Jack came up to him and asked about the village. John gave him a brief history of Lower Hillside. How they have always been fighting against the odds and spirit that had guided them in what was right.
After an hour Graham arrived and sat with John and Jack. Jack had stirred something up in the brothers, they were about to enter the shady world that Jack had been in for many years. This world was about to descend on Lower Hillside. The brothers made a pact to see this thing through to the end and it would cost everything they hold dear.©

Please do not reprouce any of this with out permission


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