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A reflection on the last year

Almost a year ago I disclosed my abuse to a friend. In the last year I have been to the pit of despair and have slowly climbed up.

I know that I still have a lot of healing to do. I also know that I can bring some healing to others by being Ed. Being myself the self that I always knew was in here.

This isn’t easy as I have had to find myself and come to terms with my experiences. This isn’t easy as I am the only one who can face them.

The last year has been a voyage of discovery in real terms and in faith. One thing that I have had as a “crutch” has been my faith.

A year ago I couldn’t look anyone in the eye now I look for the contact so they can see the real Ed. I have learned that only i can make the choices that will make me happy. I am now embarking on a new and exciting Journey.


One response to “A reflection on the last year

  1. Paul Boulton-Bland ⋅

    Not an easy road.Writing about it helps….best wishes and continued strength

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